Main content heading: Playfair Display

The body copy is set in Fira Sans. Here is an example of bold text.

Since the site will need to include extra characters from to the Swedish alphabet, this what they look in the chosen fonts:

Sub-heading: Vete-katten

Vete-katten is one of the most iconic cafes in all of Stockholm, and you'll often hear it referred to as a Stockholm institution. And how could it not be, when its name can be translated to 'wheat-cat', or the phrase 'the cat knows'.

Vete-katten was founded back in 1928 by Esther Nordhammer, and truth be told, you wouldn't be judged for thinking not a single thing in the place has been changed since then. Visiting the Vete-Katten is like stepping back in time amongst its labyrinths of corridors and rooms.

Our recommendation: you can never go wrong for choosing a solbulle here. However, if they also happen to have their rhubarb buns when you visit... well, might we suggest you get one of each?


Lower sub-heading: Västerås

Color scheme

The colour scheme takes itself from the illustrations of the buildings/iconic landmarks (shown on the right). However, not all colours will be used, and some changes will be made to the hues/contrast to ensure good legibility. Thus the colour scheme for the website will recall the illustrations without immediately matching them.

Logos: a work in progress...

Some initial sketches - combining the idea of a coffee cup and a map:

The current file I've been working on: