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We sell a wide range of local, UK and imported beers and spirits, and what we show on our site is just a small sample of what we have in store. Before opening up, we travelled across the UK and the USA to seek inspiration. We were particularly impressed by the emphasis on the overall experience in American beer shops, and our aim was to bring together the best bits of all the amazing places we visited under one roof!

May offers - buy 1, get 1 free!

A can of Howling Hops Stereo Belly IPA
Howling Hops Stereo Belly IPA
A can of Villages Rodeo Pale Ale
Villages Rodeo Pale Ale
A bottle of The Kernel Pils
The Kernel Pils

Our staff's monthly picks

Joe's pick

A small dark bottle of Braybrooke Gose Sour
Braybrooke Gose Sour

Sam's pick

A turquoise can of Alpha Delta Metis Sour IPA
Alpha Delta Metis Sour IPA

Chrissie's pick

A bottle of El Rayo Plata Tequila
El Rayo Plata Tequila