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About Us

Independent Spirits is owned and run by Sam and Joe, two local boys who started this whole journey with some discussions in the pub (where else?) about selling some of their favourite beers at the local farmer's market for a bit of extra cash. Chrissie joined us a few months later, and it's our faces you'll see serving you behind the counter. We only buy in what we've tried and think is awesome, though it does mean you might overhear Chrissie and Joe disagreeing on which whiskey makes a proper Manhattan.

Meet the Team

Sam smiling on the beach


Born in Canterbury, Sam is a recovering finance manager who used to spend too many hours of his life commuting. He now co-owns Independent Spirits with his cousin, Joe. He has a particular love for any and all hoppy beers, and is your go-to for any recommendations on what's new and good in the beer world.

Joe, smiling


Joe returned to Canterbury two years ago, having been living and and working as a chef in Edinburgh. He's always on the hunt for the next products we want to bring into our stores, and his favourite drink would be the classic Manhattan.



Chrissie is our resident expert on everything to do with spirits and drinks-making, having worked around the UK as a mixologist and bar manager for the last 8 years. She says she's still finding her favourite brand of sake, as she has to try them all first.



Georgie is our guard dog, and something of an attention hog. She's probably never going to win employee of the year as she tends to spend most of her shifts sleeping by the beer fridges, but since she's so cute, she gets away with it in our books.