Little bits, pt III.



Just a few more sites that caught my eye this week – first up, Goliath Entertainment. Whacky, but a cool use of colour palette, animation and overall design that really works in combination for me. Do I personally dislike that shade of blue and yellow together? Absolutely. But in this space, it works. Though what is happening to all these disappearing scrollbars…? 😭


Oooooh, given how I love all things colour, obviously I’m going to be a sucker for this…Though I’m still bewailing my lack of scrollbar. But the idea and execution of this is so lovely, I’m just temporarily looking the other way on that. I love how on each refresh you get a new colour, and that switch for seeing just the hex colour panels. I think the use of Helvetica for the font is a great idea – I find I’m still reading the details easily enough, without finding the information competing against the album covers, which are naturally the real main event here. Speaking of, it also makes me realise that I should be paying more attention to cover art – when there’s stuff as fabulous as Davi Sabaag’s Ritual? Wild Nothing’s Laughing Gas? Pacific Breeze 2? I could go on. It just reminds me that inspiration need not literally come from another website.


I promise these guys aren’t on here just because they have a scroll bar! 😉 I love the ethereal atmosphere of this site – from the colours to the animations to the typography. It’s elegant, but there’s something whimsical in there too that keeps drawing my eye from page to page. I especially love the cash slot machine effect on the scroll of the projects page. I think that’s matched by the humour in some of the copy – why yes, I do actually need to know how many office dogs you have, thank you (no /s).

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