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I’ve been wanting to make use of this blog more now that it’s summer and we’re working on our final projects. And yet, and yet – I never seem to get on with it! So, to combat that on a rainy Friday afternoon, I figured what better thing do than simply…just get started.

Other than a vague idea about posting about the little things I’ve enjoyed coming across on the internet recently, there won’t be much of a theme going on here. That being said, I hope you might find something you enjoy (:

Designs I’ve loved this week.

Prepare yourself, this site is A LOT in terms of moving parts and animations, etc. And I unabashedly love it. Smart of them to be so restrained with other parts of the style – the colour palette, the art style, etc., and let the animations on scroll do all the talking (the large text ain’t exactly subtle either, though I guess that’s not the point. I’ve been thinking about this site pretty much constantly since I came across it, so it’s done its job). I’m not normally a massive fan of those loading screens (….this is not a video game, just give me the content?!), but this one feels like a fun addition.

Like a long-form article was a website, but fun! A minor point quickly, but I am loving seeing more sites embrace larger type – my tired eyes are soothed by this, so please let this continue. This is an informative read, but the design helps tell (and sell) the story for the reader. I think my favourite part are those sliding cards for Roentgen & Curie. Or the atom parts diagram? I’ll just need to re-read the whole thing again to decide! (: If I’m being super nit-picky, I’m not a super fan of those fonts, but I get that it works for the overall design, so…

Another animation-based suggestion this week – we’re on a theme! I can never resist checking out links from various design-appreciation tweets. I’ll be honest – I can’t read Japanese, and Google Translate seems to be struggling on my laptop, so I have no idea what this website is for… (their Insta notes it’s an interior design studio?). But no matter, I’m just here for the visuals. The line-drawing animation for the hero image is so charming, and I love all those squiggly shapes behind the menu links and the ‘card’ titles. Grids and blocks doesn’t mean that you can’t use some organic shapes too, and this is a lovely example of that.

Other items of interest.

From WSJ: Web Designers Grapple With Downside to Flashy Animation: Motion Sickness. A growing topic, but my most interesting takeaway is the gut reaction – ‘let’s just turn off animation altogether’ – turning into making smaller adjustments/alternatives instead of just getting rid. I’ll confess I’ve had similar gut reactions to other things in web development before. A good reminder that working with accessibility often allows for compromise, if you let it.

Also – you can now have WSJ articles read out to you?! Another small reminder for me… that the internet is sometimes just very cool.

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