This is my coursework page for my MA in Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich. You can also read my WP journal here.

Major Project

Presentation slides:


Final report

Design for the Web

Three Designed Objects website

Final submission: Three Designed Objects

Small Business Website

Final submission: Independent Spirits

Write-up: Independent Spirits

Applied Art for the Web

Tiny task: Personal Page

Task one: whimsical moodboard

Final submission: Emma Axelsson - Profile Page

Typsetting Literature

Final submission: The Great Gatsby

Tiny task: Sprite

Felix is sleeping...

Film promotion

Final submission: My Neighbor Totoro

Related: My Neighbor Totoro - the design process

Content Management

JavaScript Exercise

Exercise 1

What is Tailwind CSS, and how does it work?

Submitted slides: Seminar slides

Video from slide 15

Seminar ArticleWhat is Tailwind CSS and how does it work?

Small Business Website: Revisited

Final submission: Independent Spirits, revisited

Blog post: Summary of changes

Social media & SEO

Marketing report

Final submission: Social media & SEO report:

User experience design

10 things...article

Final submission: 10 things you should know about UX design & research